The company delivers platforms for building mobile applications.

F1 always approaches each project with proven approach & precision.

The numeral 1 means F1 always works with customers in unity.



FOCUSONE Nepal Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2006 AD.

  • 2007- Focusone SMS Central Service Released in Nepal
  • 2009- Establishment of Focusone Payment Solutions in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 2010- Certificate of recognition for providing Nepalese youth with an SMS platform that allows them to raise & discuss contemporary issues
  • 2010- Awarded at Mbillionth South Asia Award-Government of India ,Category-minclusion 2010
  • 2012- Awarded at Mbillionth South Asia Award-Government of India ,Category- mGovernance 2012
  • 2012- Certificate of Recognition on delivering regular information & updates on Vehicle Tax through SMS in Nepal
  • 2014- Launch of MoCo: Mobile Commerce Service in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 2016- Certificate of Recognition for creating a mobile –based self assessing learning tool for teachers
  • 2016- Awarded Juror`s Mention at Mbillionth South Asia Award 2016 (Teach app) Category-Learning & Education

Welcome To FOCUSONE Nepal

The key focus of F1 is to provide full suite of solutions as per client's requirement.

Our Services

F1-WIS (Web Data Integration Server)

A very high performance data integration engine for complete handling of various data representations on the internet environment.

F1-MAS (Mobile Application Server)

An extensible platform for developing mobile applications that require mobile delivery across any wireless protocol to any mobile device.

F1-SMS (SMS Middleware Server)

An SMS gateway with capability to connect to multiple SMSCs using standard SMPP protocol and interface with various content providers.

Mobile Application Service                         

Providing efficient and  productive mobile application services for enterprise customers.

Mobile System Development & Integration

Serving with In-depth expertise on standard mobile computing technologies.

Mobile System Consulting                                  

Sharing the successful experiences on developing various enterprise mobile computing systems.


SCT MoCo is a mobile commerce solution that enables SCT cardholders  to access their bank accounts and make  financial transactions with phone.



sMail is highly developed mobile application service that provides platform for creative solutions to connect to people through assistance of SMS.



SMSCentral is a platform to create your own SMS application.Browse through applications.Join the developers and earn money through your applications.


Our Special Team

Aadish Shrestha


Ajit Bikram Shah


 Ashish Basnet  


Rishi Raj Dahal    

Senior Project Manager

Tek Prasad Adhikari

VAS Manager              

Join Us

Motto of FOCUSONE is 'Creative Collaboration.' It includes endless passion and strong sprit of challenge.
We at FOCUSONE,never dwell at current achievement, but try new way to improve ourselves constantly.
FOCUSONE is open to anyone who has great passion and fresh ideas for future and higher ideas.

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